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Are Resume Writing Services Needed? Yes!

My Take on Professional Resume Writing And How The Investment Can Bring Value to Your Job Search.

I recently came across a post on LinkedIn discussing the misleading services resume writers provide, how they are overpriced, and how you can create a job-landing resume by taking a few extra hours of your time to write it yourself. This is not the first of many gripes I’ve heard about resume writers and our love/hate services. And as a frustrated job candidate who is desperate to get out of a dreadful job and into the next chapter of their career, I understand how using a resume writing service can bring frustration if the job of their dreams never comes to fruition. But I think it's important to distinguish what a resume writer does and how they can play an essential role in your job search.

Resume Writers Do Not Get You Jobs

The resume writing industry is saturated with part-time, quick fix writers who promise beautiful, graphic resumes that will land you jobs overnight. It's easy to sell this narrative when, for decades, the perception has been for job candidates just to write a resume, apply online, and get the job. But in the ever-changing workforce, the hiring process is much more complex. The job of the resume writer is to create a document that best markets a client's achievements and skills and positions them as a viable candidate for an interview. There are several other factors beyond the resume that impact the actual hiring of a candidate -- whether there's an internal candidate, if there's a drastic business change that effects that job, and, most importantly, how well a candidate interviews.

With Any Industry, You Pay For The Service And The Quality Of Service

Of course, you can write your resume yourself. Seriously, who else would know you better than you? You can even get a friend to spruce it up for you or go on a freelance site and pick a writer to clean up your resume for $30. But like with any other service, you pay for the quality and expertise of the resume writer. I can bake a cake from scratch, but if I don’t have the time or skill, I’d rather go to a baker. And yes, I can go to Outback for steak, but if I am looking for something more upscale, I’d opt for Ruth Chris. There is no one size fits all for any industry, and this applies to resume writing as well. Some resume writers are freelance writers looking to make money wherever possible, while others are distinguished, certified resume writers with extensive experience and years of recruiting and hiring under their belt. Each resume writer's pricing reflects this. The type of resume writer you are looking for depends on your needs and expectations. So, it's important for professionals to do thorough due diligence in finding a resume writer for their specific needs.

Resume Writers Understand ATS Software and What Recruiters Are Looking For

I’ve come across a lot of mid-career professionals who’ve won awards, managed multi-million-dollar budgets, and rescued their companies from massive overturn. They did not include any of this information on their own written resume until asked about it by a resume writer. They did not even realize these were key achievements to put on their resume to distinguish them from other candidates. Furthermore, simple things like matching their experience to keywords in job listings, and where information should be listed on a resume, were often overlooked by these professionals. Knowing how to optimize your resume through keywords, formatting, and wording is a resume writer's forte.

Even If You Know The Hiring Manager, You Still Need A Strong Resume

The last several resumes I've written were for clients applying for jobs who had relationships with the hiring manager or staff in the company. The first thing their contact told them to do was clean up their resume to pass through ATS software. They still needed to go through a protocol to complete the hiring process, starting with a professional resume. You can honestly never be too prepared in the hiring process. While familiarity with candidates is important in hiring, showing your talent in the most effective way possible is critical. This is best done by having a professional resume to display your achievements and experience.

In all, there are reasons for and value in investing in a resume writer. It takes the pressure off to have to create a resume yourself and saves time by working with a professional specializing in creating a document that best sells your experience to recruiters. Taking the time to do proper research on resume writers, pricing, and success with other clients can help you achieve the highest return on investment.

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