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Did Not Get the Job? It May Not Be Your Fault.

A simple Google search on interviewing will populate a long list of websites with tips on how to effectively interview to land your dream job. Many of these tips do in fact reap results. But even if you have a great interview, there are still some factors in the hiring process that are left out of your control. Here are a few:

The Internal Candidate.

You fit the job description perfectly and have the personality to match. You even got quite a few laughs out of the hiring manager during your interview and had a nice conversation after the interview on the walk to your car. So what went wrong? Well perhaps there was an internal candidate who is already established at the company and has proven themselves to be valuable team player.

Company Changes.

Businesses are rapidly changing, expanding merging and growing. One day a job opening is there, the next there isn’t a need for that job. You could possibly be interviewing at a company on the verge of a major merger, bankruptcy, or a drastic departmental change. You may not learn about this information in your interview and even the interviewer may not know the extent of their company circumstances. But these situations do occur.

It May Actually Be You After All.

Let’s explain this further….just because you did not have a noticeably terrible interview and you fit the criteria of a valuable employee does not mean you are exactly what the company is looking for. Whether hiring managers want to admit this, some have set expectations of exactly what they are looking for and will search high and low to find it. You may be qualified and even a good interviewee, but simply put – you’re not the best fit for the team.

There are so many factors that go into selecting a final candidate for a position. Interviewing can be daunting and discouraging if you do not get that desired call back. But don’t be quick to beat yourself up. Continue moving forward in the job search, perfecting your interviewing skills, and eventually your true dream job will await you!

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