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Don’t Be So Desperate! Set Standards In Your Job Search.

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

There’s a thin line between being eager for a potential job opportunity and being desperate for anything that comes your way. In this job market where unemployment is high, and opportunity is bleak, well-intentioned professionals can appear willing and ready to accept any job and play ‘teacher's pet' to hiring managers to land the position they so badly need. Th

is is a clear sign of desperation and a turnoff to employers.

Does an employer want a candidate that shows excitement for the job -- of course! Do they want a candidate that also shows their value and knows their worth -- even better! If an employer posts a job opening, they are looking for a valuable job candidate just as much as you are looking for them. So go into every hiring process with set standards and expectations and awareness of the value you bring to a company.

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